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Learn more about TC Energy Design, structured water, water science, and this humble site here in this article section.

Can I add additional information into the glass?

In general the vitalization in TC products is absolutely sufficient. Mixtures of energies should take place very consciously and carefully, since these can irritate themselves every now and then. While it is possible to apply additional information to the glass, this should always be done with care and appropriate knowledge. This means that an additional […]

How do the symbols end up in a TC Carafe?

The white variant is sandblasted into the glass bottom and therefore dishwasher proof. The variants gold and colored are burnt into the glass bottom at approximately 550 – 600 degrees and should be cleaned by hand.

What is the symbol at the glass bottom?

This symbol is called the “Flower of Life” and in many cultures was used for stabilising and loading of positive energy into foor and drink. It shows the creation of life and a 6-part crystal form.

How It Works


I suppose there is an assumption here, and that is ‘it does work’. There is quite a bit of exciting and enticing theory about why it works, but the basic question is pretty simple. Does it work? My experience, and with everyone I do a taste test with, whether it be water, wine or liquor, […]