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What is the purpose of the “Flower of Life” symbol on the bottom of the carafe?

The “Flower of Life” design is considered one of the most powerful symbols of sacred geometry, and is one of the most ancient. Originally discovered on a stone monument in the ancient Egyptian temple to Osiris, it is a symbolic representation of the source and interconnectedness of all life. In many cultures of the world, […]

Why is there a curved surface in the design?

The six-curve surface structure of the TC carafes is a unique and purposeful feature, resulting from the musical composition of the overall design. Relations and distances between curves are actually based on the rules of Sacred Geometry, specifically what is known as the Fibonacci Sequence.

Where is TC glassware made?

For more than 200 years, the glassworks of Nagelberg, a small town in the Austrian Waldviertel area, has been known for producing hand-crafted glass products of highest quality. This long tradition has helped regional glassblowers to gain deep insights into the natural synergy of wood and quartz sand, and has enabled them to create unique […]

Announcing the Launch of

Announcing the Launch of A press release went out on May 2, 2012 announcing the official launch of The press release was picked up by over 200 outlets and news agencies including Check out the release on    

TC Carafes – General Information

Three minutes stopover in the TC carafe improves the taste of tap water (or any other weakened water) and makes it biologically high-quality again. The crystal stability of the improved water is very steady and this effect lasts for approximately one week, as long as the water remains uninfluenced by other sources. If not damaged […]

TC Product Tests

“We don`t know what caused this effect, but it indicates that there is a considerable degree of stress improvement effect by drinking TC water with Alladin + glass water by long-term.”

Symbols & Affirmations

Symbols have been used in all cultures around the globe throughout history. The understanding of natu- rally occurring resonance phenomena explains their effectiveness. Water also appears to be able to recog- nise information of a diverse nature and transport its contents.

Why is the effect of the TC fountain so intense?

The form of the TC fountain results in a large water “coat” which takes in the air, cleans it and releases it back in to the room. Dust and bacteria are bonded to the water. This cleans the atmosphere and keeps lungs and bronchi free from unnecessary strains. The number of waves, their distance and […]