Tumbler + Calamus Straw




Give TC Energy a try with this beautiful set of one (1) Mythos Tumbler with a gold flower of life, and one (1) TC Energy Design straw. Both are led-free and beautifully constructed for daily use.

Mythos Tumbler: The 3-membered shape of the Mythos Tumbler was composed in accordance with the rule of the Golden Mean. Furthermore, the primary geometry also contains the “square of the circle,” which presents a harmony between the contrasts of female (moon) and male (sun). The water held within (also suitable for juice or cocktails) is strengthened in its biological value and takes on a more floral note in its flavor.

The TC Mythos tumbler is intentionally robust by design for everyday use and is therefore a suitable choice for children and for use in catering and restaurants. The gentle shape makes the glass easy to hold when filled with greater volumes. This eases its every-day use (in particular for young children and the elderly). Its form has also been chosen to ensure that the TC Mythos cup can never fall over. Also superbly well suited for hot beverages such as tea and coffee; it is in fact a versatile all-purpose cup with a flavor-enhancing shape, suitable for daily use.

Nature's Design Calamus Straw: The vortex, a natural phenomenon, underlies the design of the Calamus drinking straw. Because of a fine spiral cut into the narrow glass tube, any liquid that passes though it acquires a powerful vortex motion.

Use the TC drinking straw for all liquids. It can also be chosen for use with hot drinks such as tea or coffee. The TC straw can accompany you every time and everywhere: In the bar, in a café, in the office. The borosilicate glass is highly robust and makes TC drinking highly stable. When cleaning rinse through with warm or hot water. The TC drinking straw also eliminates the unpleasant flavor that comes from drinking beverages out of plastic bottles. Simply insert the TC drinking straw, drink and enjoy.

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