Delicate Carafe + Calamus Straw




Get more serious with TC Energy Design products by ordering this set, including one (1) Delicate carafe with a gold flower of life, and one (1) Nature's Design Calamus straw. Both are led-free and beautifully constructed for daily use. This is a very powerful combination if you want to 'feel' the difference TC Energy products can make in your life.

Delicate Carafe: The 0.5 L (16.9 oz) TC Delicate carafe is particularly well suited for hot drinks such as tea or simply for hot water. With the body optimally capable of absorbing fluids at a temperature of around 98.6 degrees, the Delicate is suitable for preparing hot water for a wide range of applications. It is also adds class and aesthetic pleasure as a red wine carafe. And the Delicate is especially charming when used for serving cocktails. The volumetric capacity of approx. 1⁄2 liter is superbly well suited for this.

With its ease of use and handy shape, the Delicate is also highly recommended for children and/ or elderly people (It is noteworthy that many customers have experienced an increase in the consumption of more natural water due to the use of TC pieces). With its unique hand-finish and the special base material, Delicate is highly resistant to breakage and heat. The cavity resonance of Delicate lies in the musical range of note F. This frequency stands in resonance with the vertical alignment of natural breathing – for example the energetic flowing movement of life‘s energy in trees.

Nature's Design Calamus Straw: The vortex, a natural phenomenon, underlies the design of the “Calamus” drinking straw. Because of a fine spiral cut into the narrow glass tube, any liquid that passes though it acquires a powerful vortex motion.

Use the TC drinking straw for all liquids. It can also be chosen for use with hot drinks such as tea or coffee. The TC straw can accompany you every time and everywhere: In the bar, in a café, in the office. The borosilicate glass is highly robust and makes TC drinking highly stable. When cleaning rinse through with warm or hot water. The TC drinking straw also eliminates the unpleasant flavor that comes from drinking beverages out of plastic bottles. Simply insert the TC drinking straw, drink and enjoy.

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