How It Works

I suppose there is an assumption here, and that is that restructuring your water with a TC carafe ‘does work’. There is quite a bit of exciting and enticing theory about why it works, but the basic question is pretty simple. Does it work? My experience, and with everyone I do a taste test with, whether it be water, wine or liquor, everyone can tell a difference after only 3 minutes in the carafe. Unanimously, people say the test liquid feels rounder, wetter and has less drag on the tongue. My experience is that at a minimum, TC Energy glassware makes things taste better, and if that’s all it’s doing, that’s good enough for me. Now if it is doing more than that, which I feel it does, then that’s cool too. You can read more about TC Energy Design’s explanations below, including the scientific results of tests they’ve run over the past several years.

Using the principles of Sacred Geometry (specifically the Fibonacci Sequence) and sound translated into form, Austrian musician and engineer Thomas Chochola (TC) has created glassware which brings water and other liquids back into harmony with nature. How? The form of the glass, designed on the same mathematical basis as nature itself, “communicates” to what is placed within it, “back to nature now.” Laboratory analysis with water confirms this effect.* Your own mouth can recognize the difference. Nine out of ten people who experience a comparison “taste test” on water utilizing this glassware, notice a significant difference, not so much in the “taste” as in the “feel” of the water. It feels rounder, wetter, and has less drag on the tongue.

This is not a water filter or cleaner – the glassware takes nothing out nor places anything into the water itself. What it DOES, is to energetically vibrate the water molecules (H2O) back to the same geometrical shape or form found in nature. Your mouth can tell the difference, which means the rest of your body can too. Why is this important to you? Your body is 65-75% water, and recent research has indicated that not all water is utilized by the body the same way. It depends on the water itself – its source, purity, how it has been treated, and the environment in which it is placed before it is consumed. To give yourself the best water possible, it would have to be it in a state as close to “nature” as it can be. This is what TC glassware technology does.

What is the effect on liquid placed in TC glassware?

TC glassware increases the biological vitality of the liquid placed within it and it’s surrounding environment. That means the glassware revitalizes the natural quality of water and other liquids. When a liquid is placed in TC glassware, resonance waves are created, which harmonize with and amplify each other. This movement generates an increased vitality of the contents, be it water or your favorite beverage. The resonance field within the glassware also affects the surrounding physical environment, filling the room with subtle waves of harmonic energy. These effects of TC glassware are due to their specific design, which is based on universal principles of musical and geometrical harmony, also referred to as Sacred Geometry.

How is the TC vitalizing effect different from other methods?

Other water revitalization systems are usually integrated into the “water circuit,” the physical system that is used to move, store and cleanse water. The stability of the vitalizing effect of these systems is relatively small, primarily because the water is only exposed to the vitalizing components for a relatively short period of time. After vitalization, the water continues its way through pressurized pipes and tanks, which weaken the effect. The water in TC carafes, however, remains in the vitalizing field for as long as you choose, which makes the effect more sustainable. The vitalization process in TC carafes and glassware is created without any other influencing factors such as electricity or magnetism, and can be experienced after 3 minutes, and can last outside the glassware for up to seven days.

The Flower Of Life Symbol

The Flower of Life design is one of the most ancient natural symbols of Sacred Geometry. It is a symbolic representation of the source and interconnectedness of all life. This symbol is emblazoned on the bottom of TC carafes, tumblers, drinking glasses and energy plates in a variety of colors. Each color has a specific intentional effect on the energetic imprint of the water and the surrounding area.

The Alladin Family of Carafes

TC Carafes can be purchased in a variety of sizes. choose the one that’s best for you. Tthe Alladin Family is the Universe (10 liters), Beauty (5 liters), Family (2.3 liters), Alladin (1.3 liters), Delicate (.5 liters) and Miniverse (.1 liters)
Each are avaliable with their own Flower of Life design color options including none.

Water Documentary

Need a little more information to see why this is important to you and the ones you love? You may find some interesting new information on water in the documentary, “Water: The Great Mystery.”


* Effect on the crystalline structure of water after 3 minutes in the Alladin carafe.  Laboratory E.F. Braun, CH-3664, Burgistein, Switzerlan