Where is TC glassware made?

For more than 200 years, the glassworks of Nagelberg, a small town in the Austrian Waldviertel area, has been known for producing hand-crafted glass products of highest quality. This long tradition has helped regional glassblowers to gain deep insights into the natural synergy of wood and quartz sand, and has enabled them to create unique masterpieces of glass. Inspired by this particular manufacturing process, the founder of TC energy design, Thomas Chochola, developed an affection and devotion for the synergy of music, water and glass. The moment in which the glassblower’s breath gives birth to a new, unparalleled form leaves a fascinating impression you never forget. Nagelberg is the place where the first TC products were created; to this day, this beautiful town remains one of our most important manufacturing sites. Due to the increasing popularity of TC products, we are now working with a variety of highly skilled glassworks in several other countries as well, including Poland, Czech Republic, and China.