What is the purpose of the “Flower of Life” symbol on the bottom of the carafe?

The “Flower of Life” design is considered one of the most powerful symbols of sacred geometry, and is one of the most ancient. Originally discovered on a stone monument in the ancient Egyptian temple to Osiris, it is a symbolic representation of the source and interconnectedness of all life. In many cultures of the world, the Flower of Life symbol has been known and used for energizing and stabilizing food and water. This symbol is emblazoned on the bottom of TC carafes, tumblers, drinking glasses and energy plates in a variety of colors. Each color has a specific intentional effect on the water and the surrounding area.

The vitalizing effect of TC carafes on the liquids held within, and the space outside the carafe, is due to the specific form of the TC carafe. The form of the glass creates an energetic, three-dimensional Flower of Life in the center of the TC carafe. The two-dimensional Flower of Life symbol on the bottom has an additional energizing effect and contributes to the stabilization of the change. The specific effect of this design on the bottom depends on the symbol’s color.

The effects and symbolism of the Flower of Life colors:

Platinum FOL: The platinum FOL is fired into the glass at 1112°F (600°C). In color therapy, the color platinum has been associated with energizing a focus of self love and acceptance.

Gold FOL: The 24 carat gold FOL is fired into the glass at 1112°F (600°C). In color therapy, the color gold has been associated with strengthening of the immune system and stimulation of higher consciousness for the evolution of Self. This Gold FOL vibrates the 3 highest chakras within the physical body.

White FOL: The white FOL is fired into the glass at 1022°F (550°C). In color therapy, the color white has been associated with health of the physical and emotional bodies, and healing generally. It is also associated with the Spirit of Self.

Rainbow FOL: The multi-colored or “Rainbow” version of the Flower of Life is specially designed for children and the “Inner Child” in adults. In color therapy, these colors have been associated with the energy and the experience of joy. This carafe is also referred to as the “Happy Alladin.”

Here is an interesting video from TED about the Golden Ratio: