What is the effect on liquid placed in TC glassware?

TC glassware increases the biological vibrancy of whatever is placed within it, as well as the area around it. That means the glassware revitalizes the natural quality of water and other liquids by creating resonance waves in the liquid within it, which harmonize with and amplify each other. This generates increased vitality and a larger force field, improving the quality and biological value of any liquid. This resonance field is experienced within the glassware and is also transferred to the surrounding room in which the glassware is placed. This effect of TC glassware forms is due to their specific design, which is based on universal principles of musical and geometric harmony (also referred to as Sacred Geometry.)

What is water revitalization?

Water revitalization is different from water purity. Water supplies that are contaminated with any natural or human-made chemicals, minerals, pharmaceuticals, etc. must be treated to remove the impurities, and there are a variety of physical and chemical methods for doing this. This is water purification. Water revitalization is the process of shifting the energetic memory of water (whether it is purified or not) back to the state it is found in nature. Revitalized water has been shown to have different effects on living systems than water that is not revitalized. If you are seeking a high quality water, TC glassware is excellent for revitalization. TC glassware does not purify the water, for it does not remove or add anything to the water. Clear, clean water is the best way to start your water revitalization process, and TC glassware makes revitalization easy and beautiful.

Why is water revitalization important to me?

The human body is 65 – 75% water, and all of your biological systems require water to function properly. Wouldn’t you want the water that is essential to your body’s health to be the best water possible, with the greatest vitality possible? What you take into your body has vibration, and these vibrations affect your overall state of vibration. Consuming food and water of higher vibration supports you in many ways, both consciously and unconsciously.

Does drinking revitalized water have an effect on the purification processes of the physical body?

High quality drinking water – vitalized water – is very important because it supports the purification processes of the body, which is essential for health and well being. The vitalized water molecule rotates clockwise, whereas toxic agents within the body rotate counterclockwise. Clockwise-turning water molecules help to eliminate the counter-clockwise turning toxics.

How is the TC vitalizing effect different from other methods?

Conventional revitalization water quality systems are usually integrated into the “water circuit,” the physical system that is used to move, store and cleanse water. The stabilizing effect (stabilization of the vitalizing or quality improvement effect) of these systems is rather small, because the water is only exposed to these vitalizing components for a relatively short period of time. After vitalization, the water continues its way through pressurized pipes and tanks, which weaken the effect. The water in TC carafes, however, remains in the vitalizing field for as long as you choose, which makes the effect more sustainable. The vitalization process in TC carafes is realized without any other influencing factors, such as electricity or magnetism.

How long does the vitalizing effect last?

The revitalizing effect of TC water lasts approximately one week outside of the glassware. Some of our clients place TC water into a plastic bottle and carry it to work. Due to the “counter-clockwise turning” energy of plastic bottles, the TC vitalizing effect is then limited to one day.

How long does it take to vitalize water in a TC carafe?

It takes just 3 minutes for normal tap or bottled water to regain its vitality in a TC carafe.

Is there a difference between vitalizing water in a TC carafe and in a TC tumbler or drinking glass?

The vitalizing effect of TC carafes is approximately twice as strong as in a TC tumbler or drinking glass.

What does “biological value” mean?

Biological value can be measured in BOVIS units, a scale unit postulated by French physicist Alfred Bovis. To this day, the bovis unit is used by practitioners of radionics and geomancy all over the world in order to evaluate the vitality of food and places. In this system, a healthy human being has a vibration of around 7000 bovis units. It is believed that food and other nutritional substances should vibrate at a higher bovis rate, to have a maximum beneficial effect. The biological valorization (quality improvement) of water, juices or wines in the TC carafe ALLADIN amounts to approximately 25,000 BOVIS units. The valorization in TC tumblers is equivalent to approximately 12,500 BOVIS units.

Statement by Dipl. Ing. Paul Sommer about “biological value”: “All matter, including water, basically consists of nothing but solidified energy which we unconsciously experience as spirit. One could compare it with activating previously hidden capabilities through mental training. The biological quality of water is improved by refining its crystalline information patterns, providing the organism with subtle energies and unfolding a higher potential of development.” For more information, please visit www.baubetreuung.de.vu, and www. elektrosmog.com (in German language).