How does the TC Drinking Straw differ in it’s revitalization process from the other TC Glassware?

The TC Drinking Straw revitalizes by creating a counter clock-wise vortex through which the moving water or liquid is carried before it is ingested. This is different from the carafes, which create the vitalization effect by holding the fluid within the sacred geometry glassware for at least three minutes.

The most natural and powerful kind of movement in nature is a vortex flow. The spiral motion of tornados or soft waves of the ocean are examples of nature unleashing the true power of vitalization. The TC Drinking Straw has been created on the basis of modern quantum physics, as well as ancient insights into the natural flow of life energy. Many physical constants (known in biophysics) make the fluid swirl around the center. This adventurous journey through the TC drinking straw gives the fluid more vitalizing energy. Enjoy the freshness and simplicity of drinking your favorite beverages from the TC Drinking Straw!