How can I use the TC Energy Plates?

The TC Energy Plates can be used to energize whatever you desire with the energetic intention of the Flower of Life. TC Energy Plates are made from hand-polished glass plates 4 or 6 mm thick. Their shape and dimensions are perfectly tuned to the orbits of Earth and Venus around the Sun, creating a gently flowing energy which is believed to synchronize your two brain hemispheres. Both plates are garnished with the Flower of Life symbol which consists of 24 carat gold and is burned into the glass at 750°F (400°C). The Flower of Life is considered one of the strongest natural symbols of sacred geometry. For centuries, it has been used for energizing and stabilizing food and water in many cultures of the world. This symbol amplifies the vitalizing effect of TC carafes and creates a clockwise-turning energy flow.